Impairment requirements under IAS 36
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Date Wednesday 29th May 2024
Time 09:30 - 12:30
Information In this session we will look at the following aspects of impairment of assets:


Describing the three key objectives of the IFRS Accounting Standard


Elaborating on what is outside the scope of its requirements.

c)Definitions in terms of the followings:

We will elaborate on key definitions relating to carrying amount recoverable amount value in use and fair value less costs of disposal with detailed elaboration on what is meant by ‘costs of disposal’ and what is excluded from its determination.
Value in use method will be examined in terms of its components namely expected future cash flows and the discount rate
We will learn the difference between value in use and fair value.
An examination of the impact of foreign currency future cash flows on value in use.
The impact of borrowing costs capitalised in accordance with IAS 23 on impairment.


We will look at the sources of information that provide evidence of impairment. Sources will be examined in terms of external and internal sources of information. We will also look at the exception where an impairment loss can be reported in ‘other comprehensive income’.

e)Cash-generating units

We will look at how the impairment test is carried out on a cash-generating unit and how an impairment loss is allocated on a CGU. We will also explain how an impairment loss is calculated on goodwill and why an impairment test on goodwill differs to that of other non-current assets.

f)Reversal of impairment

Here we will look at how a previous impairment loss is reversed and allocated to the respective assets. A short-cut will be provided in the determination of the amount of an original impairment loss that can be reversed.

g)Presentation and disclosure

Finally we will briefly elaborate on the information that should be disclosed by way of notes to the financial statements on impairment losses and reversal of impairment losses.
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